Thursday, August 27, 2009

8th post: The E-BOOK creation

Assalmaulaikum and Hi to all my beloved readers,

I hope all of you are in the pink of health.

GUESS what,
for this new week,
we are supposed to creat an E-Book.
isn't it interesting?
YES i would say,
because you know why,
It would be interesting to be used in the classroom,
as i can grab the pupils attention easily toward the topic.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT IS E-BOOK is all about?

according to Wikipedia:
"An e-book (short for electronic book, also written eBook or ebook) is an e-text that forms the digital media equivalent of a conventional printed book, sometimes protected with a digital rights management system".

as an electronic way of story telling+interesting/colourful animation, this would be very useful for the teachers to use an E-Book in the teaching and learning process. Thus, it will benefits the teacher to use it over and over again.Perhaps he may add or improve his e-book to make it more interesting.

My e-book is ready!!
wanna see my e-book?
shall wait untill my next post ya...

till then,
Enjoy your day under the sun+moon @ UM.
take care.

Monday, August 10, 2009

7th post: The PHOTO EDITOR[in the making]

assalamualikum and hi
to all my deares friends,
how are you getting on?
i hope all of you will be fine,
and fine to adjust yourself in UM.

by the way,
in this 7th post,
Pn Foziah shared with us,
on how to edit photos using FxPhoto Editor.
I am still learning though,
to edit,
and try to make funny things
as requested by her.
put your face onto someone famous,
interesthing rite?

come and let us EXPLORE and at the same time learning new things.
lots more to go,
all the best to you.

till then,
take care,

Sunday, August 2, 2009


hi and assalamualikum to all my dear friends,
i m back again, for the internetless class.

why internetless?
hmm.. i dunno.
something went wrong somewhere i guess.

it was like 'no-class-but-still-class' kind of situation.
why was that so?

we just sit in our group and discussed about 3 subtopic that we were choosen ouselves trhat need to be presented in the class next week.
and we cant do the tutorial things which need the internet connection,copy, and paste the website to be put in the microsoft word.
BUT then, we manage to finish all our discussion,
which means we don't need to carry those work at home.

Excelent time management!

yup, time is very important,
unless you don't need them,
those memories in the past,also related to time,

as Allah berfirman:
"Demi masa,sesungguhnya manusia itu berada dalam kerugian,kecuali orang2 yang beriman"

till then,
have a great day under the sun+moon @ UM.
take care!