Tuesday, September 15, 2009

11th post: The VIDEO CLIP [in the making]

Assalamualikum and Hi to all my reader,
hw r u 2day/

as usual
for this week, we were supposed to come out with a video clip[with a clear theme],
and my partner and i were so excited [at first] as we were free to choose from any theme to be included in our video,,
the brainstorm session begin.
lots of ideas came out,
such as

illi: 'kita buat pasal hari raya la...best...kena dgn tema la ni'.
me: 'yup, y not,kita buat pasal open house....'
illi: 'best..best'

the discussion continue,
n we keep changing our mind,
to this..
to do that...
and that again...

we came out with 1Malaysia,
asked Pn Foziah,
n she suggested to incorpate 1Malaysia+eid,
'hmm...seems to be very nice',i said...

and untill now,
we try our very best,
to come out with the video,

DONE with the theme,
VIDEO CLIP in the making.
shall you people,

untill then,
have a great day under the sun+moon @ UM.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Assalamualikum and Hi to all my readers?
how are you feeling today?
HOPE everyting is fine.
raya is coming next week,so how's you preparation so far?
I m so excited to 'balik kampung' and enjoy my raya with my beloved family members.

So, what's on last week?

Pn Foziah has given us task to be dscussed in group of 5.
We discussed,
come out with power point presentation,
and going to present it this week (i guess so).

The topic for my group is 'Working without a coursebook'.
This topic discussed about:
+finding unifying thread and purpose.
+Deciding what to be included in the lesson.
+Involving the children in the planning (this process may help pupils to be more responsible
toward their work and help them to be independant learners,
+Deciding how frequent and how long language lesson shoud be (the advantages and

From the discussion, i have learned that "more than an hour of high density language work at the stretch is probably too much for teachers and their classes". Therefore, as a teacher, he needs to plans his lesson wisely so that the pupils will not be bored to listen and learn to the teaching and learning process.Perhaps, he may inject the element of FUN the the classroom such group discussion and also GAMES which definately will attract pupils to learn the lesson to the maximum.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

9th post: The AUDIO EDITOR[in the making]

Assalamualikum and Hi to all my readers,
feeling great?
hope so..
hope you we are able to manage our time,
to do those tasks
and enjoy our life too...

owh...what had hapen last week?

let me put it in a simple way,
we listened for few korean songs[nice and catchy+fresh too]
Some video clips from Winter Sonata,
[Oh my, that was my 1st Korean Drama that i watched during my secondary school,few years back,and i still can remmeber here and there the storyline,beautifully plotted,nice songs and shots too],
and Pn Foziah did show us the edited version of one Korean song[but i don't know the tittle].

for the tasks,
we need to edit some of audio file,
using various kind of Mp3 Editor,
i have play around with those editor,
try here and there,
to edit an audio.

I found it rather difficult,
as i need to familiarize with the editor,
try those buttons,
effects etc,
i had so much FUN,
but stressed a bit at times,
when things went wrong,
BUT IT"S NORMAL TO MAKE THOSE MISTAKES while we are in the process of learning,right?

I hope, you too can try to enjoy and experience this tasks,
so that we can make full use of this lesson,
to edit audio files[for our teaching aids],
so that it will suit the intended learning outcome,
hence the teaching and learning will be successfull and FUN at the same time.

till then,
have a great day under the sun+moon @ UM
[though it's rainy day].