Tuesday, September 15, 2009

11th post: The VIDEO CLIP [in the making]

Assalamualikum and Hi to all my reader,
hw r u 2day/

as usual
for this week, we were supposed to come out with a video clip[with a clear theme],
and my partner and i were so excited [at first] as we were free to choose from any theme to be included in our video,,
the brainstorm session begin.
lots of ideas came out,
such as

illi: 'kita buat pasal hari raya la...best...kena dgn tema la ni'.
me: 'yup, y not,kita buat pasal open house....'
illi: 'best..best'

the discussion continue,
n we keep changing our mind,
to this..
to do that...
and that again...

we came out with 1Malaysia,
asked Pn Foziah,
n she suggested to incorpate 1Malaysia+eid,
'hmm...seems to be very nice',i said...

and untill now,
we try our very best,
to come out with the video,

DONE with the theme,
VIDEO CLIP in the making.
shall you people,

untill then,
have a great day under the sun+moon @ UM.

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