Wednesday, September 2, 2009

9th post: The AUDIO EDITOR[in the making]

Assalamualikum and Hi to all my readers,
feeling great?
hope so..
hope you we are able to manage our time,
to do those tasks
and enjoy our life too...

owh...what had hapen last week?

let me put it in a simple way,
we listened for few korean songs[nice and catchy+fresh too]
Some video clips from Winter Sonata,
[Oh my, that was my 1st Korean Drama that i watched during my secondary school,few years back,and i still can remmeber here and there the storyline,beautifully plotted,nice songs and shots too],
and Pn Foziah did show us the edited version of one Korean song[but i don't know the tittle].

for the tasks,
we need to edit some of audio file,
using various kind of Mp3 Editor,
i have play around with those editor,
try here and there,
to edit an audio.

I found it rather difficult,
as i need to familiarize with the editor,
try those buttons,
effects etc,
i had so much FUN,
but stressed a bit at times,
when things went wrong,
BUT IT"S NORMAL TO MAKE THOSE MISTAKES while we are in the process of learning,right?

I hope, you too can try to enjoy and experience this tasks,
so that we can make full use of this lesson,
to edit audio files[for our teaching aids],
so that it will suit the intended learning outcome,
hence the teaching and learning will be successfull and FUN at the same time.

till then,
have a great day under the sun+moon @ UM
[though it's rainy day].

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